About the Bioinnovation Hub

The Bioinnovation Hub is in the forefront of Oxford Brookes drive to share cutting edge research and knowledge-led innovation in the biotech sector. Through the Hub, the University welcomes research collaborations with companies and organisations, and makes available its physical resources including lab space for hire and specialist equipment.

The expertise of University staff is on hand to advise on the formulation of projects and to provide specialist services that assist biotech companies in moving projects forward.

Our pool of talented students also offer companies options to recruit enthusiastic, high quality personnel through student placements at undergraduate and postgraduate level.

Building on our success, and our role in establishing the Oxfordshire Bioscience Network, the Bioinnovation Hub is a further indicator of the University’s ongoing commitment to working with business and industry to commercialise research and impact in our community.



MetaGuideX are a spin-out from Oxford Brookes University joining the Bioinnovation Hub in 2021. Their work follows two patents; A novel exosome based blood-biopsy for monitoring treatment and disease reoccurrence of multiple cancers (tested breast, colorectal, lung and pancreatic).

The second, a metastatic blocker therapeutic. The initial technology a potential companion diagnostic of the later. The diagnostic is currently been developed with undiluted funding following the success of three accelerator programmes. This is all under the guidance of BioCity and Oxford Academic Health Science Network.


Oxford Expression Technologies

Oxford Expression Technologies Ltd. (OET) established in 2007 from a collaboration between Oxford Brookes University and the Natural Environment Research Council. They are industry leaders in baculovirus recombinant protein expression using baculovirus expression systems, providing kits, services including vaccine development and consultancy to research, pharma and beyond.

OET is a cornerstone company within the Bioinnovation Hub, they are happy to provide help and advice to newly emerging companies.


Oxford Target Therapeutics

Oxford Target Therapeutics are in pre-seed phase. They are focussed on developing therapeutic options for highly aggressive cancers.


Coding Bio

Coding Bio joined the Bioinnovation Hub in 2021. They specialise in using AI for discovering best-in-class cell therapies through automation & computation.

This novel approach delivers a rapid pipeline allowing comprehensive discovery of novel CARs in as little as three months. Their driving aim is to provide curative therapeutics to as many patients as possible.


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